Drymix Easy to Mix Concrete

Designed to produce a concrete mix that’s easy to work with and provides excellent strength. If you require higher strengths, please see our Drymix Hi-Strength 36 product.

Features and Benefits

  • Consists of a carefully proportioned blend of high quality materials including rounded river run sands and aggregates, Portland cement and special concrete admixtures.
  • The performance and convenience makes it particualarly suited for concrete jobs around the home and garden
  • Achieves a 28-day comprehensive strength of 20MPa
  • Ideal for applications around poles, posts and pathways

Storage and Use:

  • Keep dry and store off the ground
  • Instructions and safety information can be found on the back of the bag


Does your bag look different to the one here? Click here to view the details for the original packaging.

Available sizes – 20kg