Drymix Supa Coat DIY Plaster Mix® DIY Plaster Mix

An easily applied traditional solid plaster for exterior and interior use

Features and Benefits:

  • A factory pre-mixed pumpable, cement/ lime/sand dry plaster for exterior and interior use over rigid substrates including concrete block, stucco mesh, aerated autoclaved concrete (AAC), brick, and for use as a mortar or for masonry repairs
  • Not suitable for use on polystyrene or fibre cement board
  • Suitable for hand mixing and application by hand

Storage and Use:

  • Keep dry and store off the ground
  • A measured water supply is required
  • Instructions and safety information can be found on the back of the bag


  • With the addition of water, a 20kg bag of SUPA COAT® DIY PLASTER MIX will typically produce 12.5-13.0 litres of fresh plaster. Coverage is approximately 3m² per 20kg bag at a nominal 4mm thickness
  • Go here to view the Drymix concrete calculator

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Available sizes – 20kg