Dunlop Drymix Envirocem

Dunlop Drymix Ltd Envirocem is a high quality blended Cement with Fly Ash and/or Furnace Slag, to produce a lower carbon blended cement, used in civil, commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Typical Uses:
Used as a blended cement in concrete, mortars and renders for applications including:

  • Brick & Block Work
  • Fence Posts
  • Foundations & Footings
  • Paths


  • Binding agent in mixes when used in conjunction with sands, aggregates and admixtures
  • Reduced heat created during curing process which reduces the risk of cracking
  • Improved long term strength
  • Reduced potential for alkali-silica reaction


  • Complies with NZS3122

Drying & Curing:

It is recommended that all mixes containing Dunlop Drymix Ltd Envirocem be cured for at least 28 days. Avoid walking or driving on fresh concrete for at least 7 days.

To attain the maximum compressive strength of mixes, minimize water loss during the curing process. Regardless of the curing method, do not apply any sealers to freshly laid concrete for 28 days. CLEANING All tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use.

Shelf life:

The shelf life of Dunlop Envirocem Low Carbon Cement is dependent on the storage condition. It is necessary to be stored in dry conditions and protected from rain, dew, or any other moisture source to prevent lump formation.

Available sizes – 20kg, 40kg