Builders Mix

General purpose mix. Ideal for mixing with cement, for all concrete jobs.

Blended sand and aggregate for making concrete. Add cement to make concrete. MPA depends on how much cement is added. Available upon request.

Available sizes – 30kg

Asphalt in a Bag

Asphalt in a Bag is a ready-to-use pre-mix bituminous mixture which is manufactured for permanent use and repairs of tar-sealed roads or pathways.

Asphalt in a Bag is an all weather road repair that is effective in temperatures ranging from -26C to 49C. This ready to use pre-mix bituminous mixture is manufactured from selected aggregates and bitumen using a co-polymer process which creates a tenacious bonding material. Asphalt in a Bag is unique because it is a permanent repair with the ability to expand and contract with the road’s surface. The curing process of Asphalt in a Bag is activated by impact and it will bond to asphalt, concrete, steel and even wood.

Asphalt in a Bag’s application is five times faster than normal and the repair can be opened to traffic immediately.

Latest Test Results are in – Water Absorbance is 0.6% & Air Voids of 7.1%

Available sizes – 20kg

Directions for use

Remove all loose debris from the pothole or damaged pavement. With a shovel, apply enough Asphalt in a Bag to crown the patched area. Tamer with the back of the shovel, plate compactor or wheel roll with the tyres of a vehicle.

For holes 15cm deep or more, apply In 5-7cm layers, compacting Asphalt in a Bag each time.

On conventional utility cuts or when Asphalt in a Bag is being applied over disturbed sub base aggregates, it is necessary to compact the base as you would in any standard pavement repair application.

Simply apply Asphalt in a Bag and compact with a plate tamper or a rubber wheeled asphalt roller. Asphalt in a Bag may be overlaid with conventional hot mix asphalt and is completely compatible.

Once applied, Asphalt in a Bag takes traffic immediately and requires no setting time due to the tenacious bond of the Instant pot hole repair patch.

This means there is less than 1% chance of water and moisture getting into the product. Asphalt compacted to less than 8% Voids provides a non-permeable layer, providing greater durability form the detrimental effects of air and water.”